School visits

Quote school visitsI’m an experienced teacher so I am used to talking to large groups and giving individual attention in workshops. I offer three packages:

1 Story making 

  • Telling a story in a song (great for FS and Y1)
  • Planning in four steps (works well with Y2–Y4)
  • Using characters to create a story (Y2 upwards)
  • Structure using an excitement chart (Y5/6 upwards)

2 Writing information

This works particularly well in schools with a topic-based curriculum.

  • All the people involved in making a book (good introductory assembly)
  • Writing a simple book plan
  • Creating a visual plan of the book
  • Researching – how do you know it’s true?
  • Writing to fit – could you explain something in exactly 10 words?

3 Song making

Again, this works very well with topics. I use contemporary songs so the children know the tune (and can still sing the song whenever they like afterwards). We just put new words to it. This encourages creativity, shows how to turn notes into text and then to edit it, plus they get to perform their own song.

I live in north Oxfordshire and travel to schools in Oxfordshire, Bucks, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.