Rocks, Minerals and Gems

rocks-minerals-and-gemsBeautifully illustrated, with snappy text written by Miranda Smith and me. Nominated for a Gold Award in the 2016 California Reading Associations’ Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Awards. Published by Scholastic USA.




Nature’s most deadly

Natures most deadlyAs the human population grows, how do we live alongside deadly animals? How have we treated them in the past? What are the new ethical issues? I found this a really thought-provoking book to research and write. Published by OUP for the Project X series.




Tour de France

Tour de FranceI was surprised no one had written a book for children about this amazing event. Many kids love bikes and races, and this is the biggest bike race of them all. I teamed up with top British cyclist Geraint Thomas to mix in a real rider’s experience with the information. Published by Collins in the Big Cat series.


Wild weather

Wild weatherA reading levelled title on weather phenomena, for the American market. Published by Scholastic as part of the Magic Bus series.




Rocks and minerals

Rocks and mineralsGreat fun to research – did you know fireworks are just exploding minerals, or that salt is the only rock we eat? Me neither! Published by Miles Kelly.




Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World CupA guide to the 2015 tournament showing its history and full of facts and child-friendly rugby snippets. Published by Wayland.




Quiz whiz

Quiz whizI wrote half of this interactive encyclopedia researching information and devising different types of questions. Produced by Toucan Books for Macmillan.



Branches of the military

Branches of the militaryEverything a child needs to know about the US armed forces, published by Scholastic USA.




Extreme! series

Extreme! Defying GravityExtreme Lights OutExtreme Frozen World

These are three books from the Extreme! series, which aims to make science interesting and accessible. Published by A&C Black.

I Wonder Why

I Wonder Why SkyThis book in a well-known series deals with environmental issues in a question and answer format. Published by Kingfisher.