A voyage through the animal kingdom. The natural world is full of the unexpected, from frozen frogs that come to life to crocodiles that cry and creatures that survive in super-heated seawater.

Lifecycles series

This series for Kingfisher (see the covers, right, and inside spreads, below) combines life cycles and food chains in a way that I found really useful when I was teaching, but hadn’t been done in book form before. Each spread describes a creature’s life cycle with a teaser leading the reader to the animal that eats it, and we move up the food chain. The series is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association of America, and was republished in the USA in 2019.

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Wham! series

Wham! ArcticWham! GrasslandsWham! UnderseaWham! Rainforest

A high-interest, low-reading age series of four books for Barrington Stoke where we meet animals in a food chain and ask many kids’ favourite question: ‘Could it kill me?’






I contributed to this massive encyclopedia, featuring more than 300 dinosaurs. Created by Amber Books for 3C Publishing Ltd.

See also Hide and Seek in Books for young readers: click on the cover below.

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