50 things you should know about Titanic

titanic-50-things-cover-001A good, brief introduction to the history of the doomed ship, which I have now written about several times. Published by QED.





TWarriorshis book has a fantastic range of information, including collections of weapons and the stories of major battles told either in annotated drawings or in the words of the people who were there. It’s a lovely mix of image and text, published by Scholastic.



Hurricane Katrina

Hurrican KatrinaA comprehensive explanation of what caused this massive hurricane. Unusually, this book highlights its impact all along the Gulf Coast as well as explaining why New Orleans was so badly affected. There are many eyewitness comments from the victims. Published by Scholastic USA.




I spent the best part of a year writing three titles about the Titanic for Scholastic.  The main book is my second title in the Discover More series of 112-page titles. It’s highly illustrated and packed with information. Then there’s a reading-levelled book based around the experiences of 7-year-old survivor Eva Hart. A narrative non-fiction ebook telling the stories of five survivors completes the set. Titanic cover

Titanic spread 3Titanic spread 2Titanic Disaster at Sea

World War II

Part of Scholastic USA’s Discover More series, this 112-page book includes many eyewitness accounts of the War. I found it really refreshing having the space to  tell lots of different stories from the War – and the design is amazing.   World War II greenWW2_interior_UK_150dpi_CMYK 12

The Celts

CeltsTelling the story of how Celtic tribes migrated to Britain, how they lived and fought until there were overrun by the Romans. Part of the Collins Big Cat series.




The Train Man

The train manA biography of George Stephenson that uses a variety of text genres. Published by Pearson.





Stowaway, Moonwalk and Ice Race

StowawayMoonwalkIce Race

I love these narrative non-fiction books, which combine history, science and storytelling. Stowaway is about a kid who hides on the doomed Hindenburg airship in 1937. The ‘hook’ for Moonwalk is the 1969 moon landing, told from the point of view of a boy whose dad works at the space centre. Ice Race is based on a historic dog race across the Arctic. Originally published by Evans, now re-published by Tulip Books.

History of Oxford

Children's History of OxfordSpecialist publisher Hometown approached me to write this book for them. I like the format, which blends information with imagined accounts by children at the scene of key events. I took a couple of guided tours of the city to get extra nuggets of information.